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Welcome to Settibalija Community Site
The intension of this site is to communicate among our community people and to facilitate services like Community Meetings, Notices, Matirmonials, Job Opportunities and other facilities.
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Latest Guest Book Signups

  • on 16 Sep 2014, NAVEEN SEELAM said:


  • on 16 Sep 2014, SREEDHAR VENDRA said:

    I am from kadapa. My negative place is west godavari penugonda

  • on 13 Sep 2014, narendra gubbala said:

    nice website

  • on 04 Sep 2014, BALAJI IVVM said:


  • on 02 Sep 2014, purushotham paspuleti said:

    hello friends.....

  • on 29 Aug 2014, SRIDHAR PILLI said:

    Nice web

  • on 28 Aug 2014, Rahul Jakkamsetty said:


  • on 26 Aug 2014, nagendra prasad illa said:

    i love my cast in settibalija

  • on 31 Jul 2014, durgaprasad regala said:

    hai friends gud evening all

  • on 17 Jul 2014, suresh kumar kadali said:

    I am very happy to join this group...

  • on 09 Jul 2014, vasu dampanaboyina said:

    i am very happy to join settibalija

  • on 04 Jul 2014, veera babu geddada said:

    well done my friends

  • on 01 Jul 2014, SRINIVASARAO PECHETTI said:


  • on 29 Jun 2014, srihari GUTTULA said:

    our website need to improve and in matrimony , the agents ph, no not in use & remove the ph. no , who r alrdy got married and give publicity to our website threw fb & twitter.. from my side i will give u ,full support to give identity to our

  • on 24 Jun 2014, Venkata Subbaiah Gabbi said:

    మాది à°¶à±à°à±à°à°¿ బలిà

  • on 23 Jun 2014, gangadher nurukurthi said:

    good values ,helping nature

  • on 19 Jun 2014, SRINIVASARAO PECHETTI said:


  • on 17 Jun 2014, sreehari anantha said:

    Hi to our balija family

  • on 14 Jun 2014, k s venkata ramesh kaja said:

    hi nice web

  • on 13 Jun 2014, kadali sathish kadali said:

    live like a lion otherwise better to die

  • on 13 Jun 2014, bheema shankar pampana said:


  • on 06 Jun 2014, pavan kumar said:

    no comments

  • on 05 Jun 2014, prabhakara rao guttula said:

    Good I am one of the person to met the caste peoples through this web site thana all

  • on 29 May 2014, Srinivasa Rao Kudupudi said:

    hi to every one.....

  • on 22 May 2014, Dileep Kumar Kadali said:

    nice web...!

  • on 18 May 2014, Ravi Kumar Chiratla said:

    Hi fiends this is ravi kumar from rjy i am qualified with M.Tech.Now i am working as a Technical Manager in Rudar Techno feeds at dubhacharla. If any body required to job contact to me.I hope this web site is grow-up our community.Please contact to

  • on 14 May 2014, venkatasatyanarayana seelam said:


  • on 10 May 2014, Surya Prasad Rao Bonthu said:

    improve the education to children in our cummunity

  • on 06 May 2014, shiva gubbala said:


  • on 05 May 2014, santosh rayudu said:


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