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Welcome to Settibalija Community Site
The intension of this site is to communicate among our community people and to facilitate services like Community Meetings, Notices, Matirmonials, Job Opportunities and other facilities.

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Latest Guest Book Signups

  • on 04 Oct 2015, l trimurtulu laveti said:

    good job for our community

  • on 02 Oct 2015, Srinivasu Ketha said:

    This is my Mobile No.9492925158 If any one contact with me regarding Deleted Settibalija Cast from Telengana BC List.

  • on 02 Oct 2015, Srinivasu Ketha said:

    I want to fight & share the information about our cast deleted from BC List in Telengana by the TS Government. Since I have been living in Hyderabad with my family. We have been paying Taxes to the TS Govt. So have right to get avail reservati

  • on 30 Sep 2015, suryabhaskarraoyg gubbala said:

    use forwhat?y

  • on 29 Sep 2015, Rishi Kakara said:

    I would like to make a strong our community

  • on 29 Sep 2015, SRI Rama venkata subrahmanyam Dommeti said:

    Very good.a lot of help for our community."Jai settibalija"

  • on 29 Sep 2015, suryabhaskarrao gubbala said:

    use forwhat it

  • on 28 Sep 2015, Dr. K. Ramakrishna Kaki said:

    Very good use full this site to our community

  • on 28 Sep 2015, srinivasarao chintapalli said:

    Hi settbalija

  • on 28 Sep 2015, sekhar gubbala said:

    Hi anna super idea to make communicate out people.....superb

  • on 28 Sep 2015, someswara reddy CHOLLANGI said:


  • on 28 Sep 2015, Karthik Dangeti said:


  • on 25 Sep 2015, Sai prasad Appari said:

    Need matches for sister

  • on 23 Sep 2015, Uday Srinivas kumar Katta said:

    Looking for a traditional girl....

  • on 22 Sep 2015, Suryakiran Anasuri said:

    Feel like good partner

  • on 12 Sep 2015, chalapathi illa said:

    good. my website.

  • on 12 Sep 2015, VENKATESH KATTA said:


  • on 07 Sep 2015, prasad chappidi said:

    please call me at 9701757896 for the below purpose

  • on 07 Sep 2015, prasad chappidi said:

    dear brothers / sisters, our caste deletion in Telangana B.C List has accepted by high court on 4.9.2015. Hence our community decided to approach supreme court. requesting you to contribute your fund , which are required for this purpose. if your ar

  • on 06 Sep 2015, sandhya bandi said:


  • on 04 Sep 2015, Ravi chandra Guttula said:


  • on 31 Aug 2015, NAGENDRA SICA KUMAR BOKKA said:


  • on 23 Aug 2015, suryaprasanna mushini said:

    looking for a decent guy

  • on 12 Aug 2015, Alekhya Penke said:

    I need a match for my sister

  • on 21 Jul 2015, shivakumar kantechanchu said:


  • on 21 Jul 2015, shivakumar kantechanchu said:


  • on 16 Jul 2015, suresh reddi said:

    i want more imporamation

  • on 26 Jun 2015, RAJESH BOKKA said:

    goud is one of the bigest caste in telangana.we are happyly said that we are in goud.

  • on 25 Jun 2015, babu rao chundru said:

    Orey mee yabba account creation ke kadu deletion kuda option petali

  • on 17 Jun 2015, Lax Sam said:

    Groom search

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