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Welcome to Settibalija Community Site
The intension of this site is to communicate among our community people and to facilitate services like Community Meetings, Notices, Matirmonials, Job Opportunities and other facilities.

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Latest Guest Book Signups

  • on 31 Aug 2015, NAGENDRA SICA KUMAR BOKKA said:


  • on 23 Aug 2015, suryaprasanna mushini said:

    looking for a decent guy

  • on 12 Aug 2015, Alekhya Penke said:

    I need a match for my sister

  • on 21 Jul 2015, shivakumar kantechanchu said:


  • on 21 Jul 2015, shivakumar kantechanchu said:


  • on 16 Jul 2015, suresh reddi said:

    i want more imporamation

  • on 26 Jun 2015, RAJESH BOKKA said:

    goud is one of the bigest caste in telangana.we are happyly said that we are in goud.

  • on 25 Jun 2015, babu rao chundru said:

    Orey mee yabba account creation ke kadu deletion kuda option petali

  • on 17 Jun 2015, Lax Sam said:

    Groom search

  • on 17 Jun 2015, Ram Pampana said:

    What about status of settibalija caste in telangana. is any body fight about our caste in telangana. We have rights to ask that BC of we are living in Here since 1960. So we are all fight for our caste and reincluse in BC list in telangana. I am

  • on 17 Jun 2015, raj Bokka said:

    Caste issues

  • on 11 Jun 2015, Purushotham karnam said:

    searching for girl in seety balija namdarlu only in anantapur or puttaparthi

  • on 08 Jun 2015, VANUMU RAMESH KUMAR VANUMU said:


  • on 07 Jun 2015, srinivas koppisetti said:


  • on 06 Jun 2015, satish JUTTIGA said:

    as per the G.O. NO- 16 they said that * omitted vide G.O Ms.No.3, BCW(OP) Dept., Dated:14.08.2014 so from this i need to know whether they added the settibalija caste or they omitted these caste .please give me the reply it w

  • on 02 Jun 2015, anil donga said:

    Srivarsha appari ani match vaste reject cheyandi , sridhar appari and durga appari/gubbala (bsnl) valla daughter. Parents and mother side family are criminals. They will torture families from outside and they do not hesitate to spoil lives.

  • on 02 Jun 2015, jagadeesh GUBBALA said:

    Good Mrng Every one,

  • on 02 Jun 2015, Ram kadali said:

    please stay away from the names i mentioned below, highest drama and egoistic fellows.jyothi gubbala and sundaram mushindi from yerravantena amalapuram are converted chrsitians and money mongers . stay away from these bastards

  • on 02 Jun 2015, Ramesh Kadali said:

    I am writing this comments to bring awareness among settibalija people. There are bastards in our caste , who are torturing newly married brides. JYOTHI MUSHINI/GUBBALA, SUNDARAM MUSHINI, SRIDHAR APPARI, DURGA APPARI/GUBBALA who works for BSNL, padma

  • on 27 May 2015, sekhar seelam said:

    no comments

  • on 27 May 2015, jagadeesh Gubbala said:

    Hii every one,, this is jagadeesh from vizag, maana lo unity akkada laadu. Adee Dvp chadam. andrelo Unity ga vundale ane vastha , we will get recognijection in Telengana also.

  • on 25 May 2015, laxmi bokka said:

    Hi Everyone. In Telangana it is very difficult to get OBC certificate. I can't understand that we are belongs to BC B or not. If yes help our community people in getting OBC certificate. Else, we lost getting good job opportunities in Telangana.

  • on 25 May 2015, laxmi bokka said:

    no comments

  • on 20 May 2015, chintharao kadali said:


  • on 18 May 2015, chandravathi KETHA said:

    at present i leaving Baroda gujarat state

  • on 18 May 2015, SATYANARAYANA KETHA said:

    proud of settibalijja

  • on 17 May 2015, Venkata Maheswar Doddi said:

    Presently working at New Delhi as Joint Director in Military Engineer Services

  • on 14 May 2015, kranthi kumar Medisetty said:

    We r all proud of our Caste SETTIBALIJA/GOUD

  • on 01 May 2015, ARAVIND KUDUPUDI said:

    Jai setti balija

  • on 29 Apr 2015, RAMA DEVI K said:


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