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Welcome to Settibalija Community Site
The intension of this site is to communicate among our community people and to facilitate services like Community Meetings, Notices, Matirmonials, Job Opportunities and other facilities

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Latest Guest Book Signups

  • on 23 May 2016, Venkateshwara Rao Samsani said:

    I unable to think about future of settibalija Caste. At present we want a Leader who can spare time for cast. Our community people very much unhappy about the decissions of Both the Goverments on our Cast.

  • on 10 May 2016, KISHORE G said:


  • on 11 Apr 2016, Sekhar Guttula said:

    No comment

  • on 03 Apr 2016, Venkata Ramana Guttula said:

    This is Community development and service oriented site.

  • on 25 Mar 2016, Durgaprasad Dunaboyina said:

    For nice matching

  • on 22 Mar 2016, suryaprasanna mushini said:


  • on 19 Mar 2016, RAVI PRAKASH SEELAM said:

    Very Informative website. Hope it develops as a good forum.

  • on 13 Mar 2016, M MADHUSUDANA RAO RAO said:

    Very nice

  • on 11 Mar 2016, N T RAMARAO Notla said:

    interesting history of ancestors

  • on 11 Mar 2016, RAJU GUBBALA said:


  • on 10 Mar 2016, Sai Ram said:

    I am looking for a girl

  • on 10 Mar 2016, naga Sailaja dampanaboyina said:

    Nice blog. how to findout kuladaivam sir

  • on 05 Mar 2016, satya kadali said:

    hai first of all mahasivaratri wishes, blessing to siva

  • on 09 Feb 2016, raju Gubbala said:


  • on 06 Feb 2016, raju anna kadali said:

    show our power.....jay BC...jay settibalija.gouda

  • on 06 Feb 2016, bhanu prakash bonthu said:

    Bc lu antha unity ga poradali

  • on 03 Feb 2016, Sriram Sumanth Bokka said:

    That's really great to see this website. Great work by the admin. Lets our community grow up.

  • on 29 Jan 2016, VIJAYANANDA RAO BONTHU said:

    I am feel very happy. You will start One monthly settibalija magazine

  • on 19 Jan 2016, nagavenkatasatyanarayana kadali said:

    I am very happy to join this site

  • on 15 Jan 2016, A.RAVIKUMAR ANGADI said:


  • on 06 Jan 2016, mallaiiahhswammy botla said:

    exllent inf

  • on 02 Jan 2016, Amarnath Ramayanamn said:

    I want to know history of our caste balija.

  • on 01 Jan 2016, yedukondalu juttiga said:

    Native place is nidadavole, west godavari

  • on 31 Dec 2015, venu kadali said:

    Like it

  • on 30 Dec 2015, umashankar CHAPPIDI said:

    our community people shall improve commitment levels to get the solutions for BC problem in telangana state

  • on 30 Dec 2015, Bala gangadhar tilak pechetti said:

    Happy to Join..:)

  • on 26 Dec 2015, srihari surampudi said:


  • on 10 Dec 2015, krishna pampana said:


  • on 28 Nov 2015, Aleksandra Aleksandra said:

    Zune and iPod: Most people comarpe the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It's very colorful and lovely OL

  • on 28 Nov 2015, Burhan Burhan said:

    Thanks for the info. I'm happy to discover I have reareds in other languages, that's cool. Thanks for letting us know how lame the reason is, why people can't change their name in Iceland. I think the Icelandic government

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